HopMonk – Cold Frothy Blasphemy, Mmmm…

Fresh off a wonderful trip to Sonoma and I just can’t wait to rave about the amazing beer I found. That’s right, don’t adjust your hearing aid, grandpa… I’m talking about a rare oasis of brew in the middle of the one of the wine capitals of the world.

HopMonk Tavern, in Sebastapol, CA, is an ode to everything that makes German food and bier great. The short list of in-house suds such as the light-bodied Kellerbier, the malty Dunkelweizen and the California-inspired Tavern Ale offer an homage to the German monastery brewing traditions. But as you read down the wine list, you come across venerable Holy hop heavyweights, mostly from California and the west coast.

HopMonk Tavern

HopMonk Tavern... A kleine piece of Germany in the middle of Sonoma

As if great beer wasn’t enough, HopMonk’s pub menu continues to transport you from Cali to Koln with one taste of the Oktoberfest-inspired Saurbraten or Wienerschnitzel (both specials). Der Regular Menu marches on as well with spectacular garlic fries, steamed mussels and fish n’ chips so crunchy you can’t help but shout “Jawohl”!

Add to it an extensive covered Biergarten and classic architecture (rough-hewn oak beams and fieldstone walls) and you have yourself a mini-Oktoberfest in the middle of vine country.

So next time you’re in Sonoma, take the vineyard tours, but it’s the bier at HopMonk that’s really going to knock your lederhosen off. Prost!


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