2,000 Miles, 2 Creative Minds, 1 Damn Cool Looking Style

Meet the works of Jolby – a creative duo with a backstory nearly as cool as their designs. Here’s the cocktail napkin version: after meeting in design school in San Diego, these two design-minded guys went their separate ways; Josh to Chicago, Colby to Portland. But like any dynamic duo, they didn’t let a measly 2k miles stop them from riffing off of each other’s innovative styles.

Together (in spirit anyway) they produce the works of Jolby Studios, a collaborative hand-drawn style that is so intricate, it leaves most viewers with a bent nose. I think their design works beautifully on the classic Gibson guitars they created for Music Saves Lives charity auction.

Guitar, Jolby design, creative design

C'mon play me, admire me... you know you want to.

I mean, what’s a few thousand miles between friends anyway? At least in Jolby’s case, distance makes the art grow fonder.

jolby design, gibson guitar

Show it if you got it, sister.

jolby design, gibson guitar

Slappin' da bass.


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