Best of the Bad Buzz – Halls

Some advertising campaigns are awesome. And some are just awesomely bad.

Stay away, fair lady...


This one – snotty noses, bad sweaters, ’80s hairdos and all – has been staring at Chicago L riders for the last week or so. If it were a placard here or there, it might be a clever ad. But if you step onto one of these train cars literally plastered with simulated oil portraits of middle-aged, red-nosed, thrift-shopping germ monsters, you might begin to feel a little scratch in the throat where the was none before.


A snot-filled shot from my 8am train

Ok, Halls ad execs, let me follow your thinking here. Apparently during flu season we’re all:

a) aging hipsters with

b) noses redder than Paris Hilton on a coke binge

c) in desperate need of inspiration to pass on the H1N1 virus.

Hmm… obviously a soothing Halls must be the answer!

Nice sweater vest


Good try. I understand the old-school, thrift-shop sweater, hipster look is in right now. But seeing the spitting image of Aunty Jean looking like she got worked over by a dump truck really doesn’t inspire me to buy your product.

As if the guy blowing his nose on his shirt sleeve in the seat next to me wasn’t inspiration enough.




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4 responses to “Best of the Bad Buzz – Halls

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  2. Ian Roche

    I once had an awkward moment to see what it felt like as well….but I prefer Colt 45 to Dos Equis. Am I wrong?

  3. Troy Chafin

    hilarious, my friend.

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