Score One for the Lil’ Guys

frsh adsThere’re a couple ways to look at the down tick in the economy in terms of advertising:   1. the big guys are taking a hit as major brands pull back on their advertising budgets and   2. who cares, the little guys are doing better things with cooler brands and less money.

Living, bleeding and breathing point #2 is ONETWENTYSIX, a boutique design and branding studio based in Long Island. Doing some great identity, photography and print work, they’re one of a generation of boutique agencies pumping out stellar style for local and small market brands.

Personally, I think this is great for advertising and for creative professionals looking to stretch their wings. It’s not bad for niche brands either – especially those with the desire to create a unique style and leave a different taste in consumers’ mouths.

My hope would be that we continue to see some of this tight newcomers succeed. It’s obvious that they’re putting out better stuff than what some of the old brass have been doing lately.

And for those that are interested, these guys have a pretty sick visual blog that shows off the range of their various design and photography campaigns.

Kudos, guys. Let me know when you need some edgy copy work done. 😉


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