FACT: Beards Sell Booze

We all know a carefully sculpted Franz Joseph can bring the damsels running, but can facial hair also sell hooch? According to an interesting trend in liquor advertising, the answer is an emphatic “Affirmative, good sir!”

Dos Equis boldly set the standard with its silver-whiskered spokesman in the “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign and that fearless, well-cultured scruff scored a resounding success.

But now another storied brand has thrown its Remington into the ring – this time in the high-risk, high-reward environment of the premium vodka wars. Kettle One continues to up the ante, casting carefully¬†coiffed¬†chin hairs in the the recent “Table”, “Street” and “Bar” campaigns, adding a further sophisticated element to the five o’clock shadow club.

It’s as if the liquor industry is telling us that grizzled beards are no longer just for 40 oz. swilling hobos anymore – but have their place in refined masculine culture. Then again, isn’t that something we’ve known all along?


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