Have you Been N@ughty or Nice?

Okee, obsessive Tweeters, this one’s for you.

So you think that your half-conscious jabber on Twitter doesn’t have any consequences? I mean, who cares if 167 followers see that you “Just totally drank a double VENTI candy cane Mochacino @AshleyGirlz LOL” or that you think that “The guy sitting next to me on the El smells like monkey ass”? It’s just pointless gab, right? Wrong.

Now your obsessive ramblings are putting your Tweet lil’ ass on the line. That’s right – someone has been paying attention and he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice.

@SantaK. You's a HO HO HO!

Lucky for you, the minds behind London’s Collective digital agency put this together just in the St. Nick of time. Thanks to their Naughty or Nice evaluator, you can get the inside scoop on just where you stand on the ol’ list based on your entire Tweet history.

Don’t want coal in your digital stocking? Better turn things around quick: wax Tweetetic about how you were wrong and your boss is a complete genius or that you hope your parents donate your Xmas money to the Salvation Army instead.

After all, Santa is gonna find out what you’ve done – and he doesn’t have to check twice anymore thanks to your 140 characters of pure devilry.


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