The Inevitable Bee’s Knees’ “Sweetest Honey” Top Ten Countdown – #10

You knew it was coming. Around this time of year, everyone comes out with their annual ‘best of’ list. And it’s even more groundbreaking, since we’re moving out of the – um, er – ‘aughts or zeros or whatever we’re calling it (does it bother anyone else that it’s been ten years and we still haven’t decided how to refer to this decade?) and into a brand-spanking new decade.

Now, picking the ten best of anything is hard enough – let alone for an entire decade, let alone for a prolific industry like advertising – so I’m sticking to just TV ads here. Now, I’m not saying these are the ten best ads of the decade or your ten favorite ads – hell, I don’t even know if they are necessarily my top ten – but they are some of the funniest, most touching and downright weirdest commercials to grace our frozen faces during the post-Y2k era.

I give you, then, the Bee’s Knees “Sweetest Honey” Top Ten.

#10 – Fandango – “Bag Boy” 2007

I have to admit that over the past few years, these ads have been the highlight of more than a few lame movie experiences – so it was hard to pick just one (see me wrestle my Fandango demons below) but spots like this are the primary reason why I now get my Reese’s-Pieces-eating butt into that seat before the lights go down.

If I could describe it in one word – I’d say “Spearean”. ¬†Yeah.

Honorable Mention(s)
Much like Lay’s potato chips, with Fandango commercials, you can’t have just one. This next one makes me laugh every time, but, like my mom always said, “You’re all special, ahem, in your own particular way.” Gee, thanks, mom.


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