Sweetest Honey Top Ten – #8

#8 – Nike – “Move” 2002

They have one of the most recognized trademarks in the world (behind only Coca-Cola and McDonald’s) and single-handedly made sneakers cool. They built an empire around shoes and have been one of the greatest contributing factors in the advent of today’s multi-billion dollar sports industry.

They make more billions a year than Tiger has girlfriends (too soon?) and they use it. So yeah, you’d expect them to be on more than a few lists like this.

But it’s not the usual things – computer graphics and high caliber athletes – that make Nike’s advertising opus, “Move,” so great. It’s the fact that they took a step back from the podium and remembered why we love sports in the first place. Yeah, at 90 seconds it’s a little self-indulgent – but with its debut at the 2002 Winter Olympics, “Move” struck just the right chord with an audience that was ready to look past big names and bigger contracts and just be inspired.

Honorable Mention – Sony Bravia – “Bounce” 2006

Also a cool feel. Meloncholy? Yes. Makes me wish I was a bouncy ball in SanFran? Most definitely.


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