Sweetest Honey Top Ten – #6

#6 – Volkswagen (pronounced VAH-gen) – “Bubble Boy” 2002

If one theme dominated the late 90’s/early 2000’s, it was the sense of rebellion against the 9 to 5, office-slave, cubicle-turned-prison isolation that had become the norm for most young Americans. The need to give a big “fuck you” to the man was well represented in popular literature (Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club), film (the oft-quoted Office Space) and, of course, music (the ageless “Who Let the Dogs Out”).

Ironically, a car company infamously sponsored by the man – no, like THE man – was also helping restless youth fight the dregs of everyday life with, of all things, another car payment (which to cover you must work a 9-to-fiver). So ironic, in fact, it might blow Alanis Morrisette’s head to tiny Canadian smithereens.

Irony aside, they made one hell of a smart commercial to stick it to the man.


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One response to “Sweetest Honey Top Ten – #6

  1. Jingle

    if you don’t do commercial, nobody knows your products, important topic.

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