Welcome to the Future!

Beep bop doop bop. Hello and welcome to the future.

Ah, 2010. Such a nice, round, futuristic number. 2010 is so laid-back. You can call it the proper, “two-thousand ten” or the way more relaxed, “twenty ten”. It’s kind of like that cool English professor in college that would professionally introduce a keynote speaker one moment and then slip back stage and split a J with you and your buds the next. Cool.

Well after a nice little Bee’s Knees hiatus (read: lingering Dewar’s hangover), what nicer way to start a new year than think about how far we’ve come to reach this momentousness year?

Here’s a good, hilarious read compliments of blogger Daniel Sinker as he revisits his favorite boyhood book, 2010: Living in the Future. This monochromatic children’s book, published in 1972 got some things right  (basic ideas behind Skype, the electric car and Peapod home delivery) and some things oh so wrong (three-day work weeks and the end of rush hour). Plus, it’s great to see that the hippies made it into the future. Well done, Moonchild.

Ah, man. Now I’m kind of depressed that we don’t have three-day work weeks and flying cars. Shoot, 2010, I thought you were cool. Now you’re just kinda like that doosh, 2009.

Oh well. Beep bop doop beep.


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