Thoughts for the Throne

In today’s digital world – with its 24 hour news cycle – rare are the times that we can escape from the ever-updating minutia of everyday life.

The Toilet Paper

Extra! Extra! Spare a Square!

Wittily┬áinterrupting the last and most most sacred of private refuges is The Toliet Paper – an online-to-email periodical meant to be savored over the course of your morning constitutional (of course, if you visited White Castle the night before, you may have to read it very slowly).

Cleverly scripted on a long parchment that resembles Charmin two-ply, the daily content includes fun facts, historical events, quotes and timely links centered around one main theme.

Just enough to keep your mind off the strange noises coming from the stall next to you. And (typically) more interesting than rereading “For a good time call Bubba” over and over again.


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