911 for Noobs

Real life is hectic. You have to wake up at the crack of noon, take the garbage out at least once a week and remember to meet your mom at the food court by 5pm otherwise she’s totally gonna leave you to take the bus home, again. So, with such a jet set lifestyle, who has time to keep up with the latest internet trends and viral chatter that barrages the web daily?

Lucky for you there’s a new Vlog that keeps you up-to-date on all the inane practical jokes and misspelled headlines that flood the internet community every day. At Know Your Meme, the dedicated scientists at the Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies can help you break down what’s hilarious on the web right now – and why.

The Genetic Code of Om-nom-ability

So whether you want to understand the true source of ‘om nom nom’ or find out why Bubb Rubb is the symbol of our generation – these web geeks got you covered.

Plus, you might want to bone up on past episodes, so little Marky Spitz from down the block doesn’t call you out again for being a total noob in your weekly WOW clan web meeting. Now that was embarrassing.


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