Apple Owns Over 30 Minutes of Your Life and You’re Not Getting It Back

How about iPod vs. WalkMan?

There have been so many great rivalries in history: Good vs. Evil, Tom vs. Jerry,  George W. Bush vs. post-kindergarten reading levels. But maybe none has given us more laughs (okee, momentary giggles) during American Idol commercial breaks than PC vs. Mac.

Since 2006, the classic rivalry between the buttoned-up, overweight suit and the laid back, cool-but-I-don’t-really-care-if-I-am hipster has reinforced the stereotype that people who use PCs are dorks and people who use Macs go to the Golden Globes with Drew Barrymore.

Despite the fact that Apple hasn’t launched a new spot since before the holiday season, you can still get your fix of the classic cat and mouse duo, thanks to AdFreak’s¬†chronicling of the 66 spots that have aired so far in the “Get a Mac” campaign.

Wow, 66 spots! Maybe if I used the time I spent watching Mac ads to earn a living, I could actually afford one!



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One response to “Apple Owns Over 30 Minutes of Your Life and You’re Not Getting It Back

  1. Yo, so y’all who know me know that I work at MSFT. And in defense of my corporate masters I will say this:

    Mac can diss us all they want. However, we make money hand over fist (more than them.) You know why? Because we don’t make our money selling PCs to end users. We make it selling volume licenses to corporations. And Macs will never be able to crack into this market. Because Macs are little bundles of sexy bullshit in an off white box. But for business scenarios they don’t work, they cost too much and don’t do stuff that people need.

    Make fun of us all you want, we might just cry ourselves to sleep on our giant pile of money.

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