Best of the Bad Buzz – Pepsi Throwback

Throw it back?

Ok, by now we’ve all seen the commercials a million times: Pepsi + montages of classic and contemporary sports + current pop stars covering Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young”. Thanks for banging us over the head with the “we were there then, we’re still here now” mantra, Peps.

Overall, the spots are not bad. Sure, they play them ever five seconds, but they have some great old footage, creative splicing and a toe-tapping song.

But here’s the thing that gets them into the bad buzz hall of fame: the product. Pepsi is proudly touting its ‘throwback’ version of the teeth-rottingly-sweet cola and, as the tagline says, it’s “Made with REAL sugar for a limited time!” Whoa. WOWZA! I can let real sugar help me rack up thousands of dollars of dentist bills and develop type 2 diabetes instead of corn syrup. Sign me up, Pepsi!

I mean, come on. That’s like if Germany’s national tagline was, “Germany: Holocaust free for over 60 years!” Jawohl!

Sorry Pepsi, nice try. I do like how you stuck with the today-yesteryear dichotomy, but I’m not buying it, so therefore I’m not buying it.



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3 responses to “Best of the Bad Buzz – Pepsi Throwback

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  2. Haha. Well maybe you should pitch it to them. “Hey Ziegfried, I have an idea how to boost tourism in das Vaterland.”

  3. Dude, the Germany comment made me laugh really hard. Esp cuz I’m Jewish and going to Germany next week.

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