Game On – 1st and Five of All Time

Super Bowl Hottie

Game on.

The bright lights. The glitz and glamour. The years of practice, honing one’s skills into perfection. The blood, the sweat, the tears. And in five days it all comes down to one night.¬†Oh, and there’s a football game played between the prime time spots – if you’re into that sort of thing.

That’s right. This Sunday, legends will be made both on the field and during the commercial breaks. In fact, it’s sometimes hard to know who the Super Bowl is the bigger stage for – the athletes or the ad mavens?

At $3M a pop, Super Sunday commercials are the big time for the top agencies and a good ad can mean the difference between becoming the viral video of the decade by Monday morning or being TIVO’d into a squiggly million dollar blur.

So what better way to gear up for the big day (besides stretching out your stomach with cheese balls and gatorade) than looking at five of the most legendary Super Bowl commercials of all time? 1st and five. Hut… hut… HIKE!

#5 – Budweiser “Frogs” (1995)

Croak the classic, “Bud… Weis… Er” tagline at your Super Bowl party and you’ll date yourself harder then Jen Aniston – but for a few weeks in the mid ’90s, you couldn’t sip a cold one without hearing someone replicated the most annoying three¬†syllables in advertising.


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