Excuse My French

French Paper CompanyAh, ze French. Not only are they great lovers and artists, but they have improved on so many run-of-the-mill things – like toast and kissing and ticklers. And thanks to a small, independently owned design company, now you can add paper to the long list of Francofied goodness.

French Paper CompanyOkee, although they are technically Americans (fascist pigs!), the French Paper Company is really doing awesome things with modern day papyrus. And this ain’t your grandpappy’s typing paper either – FPC is creating some of the most unique and interesting weights, designs and textures to be found on either sides of the pond. Sample from their best sellers – organized by themes like Construction and PopTone – or get real weird with it and select the weights, additives and colors for your own custom stock. ‘Cuz that’s just how you roll.

French Paper CompanyFounded way back in 1871 (okee, so maybe it is your Grandpappy’s paper), FPC is the nation’s smallest and most eclectic independent paper manufacturer. And while their paper comes in every color under the sun, they’re the original green company – operating by hydroelectric power since 1922. Now that’s harnessing the power of my favorite planeteer!

Don’t have a use for cool paper? Check out their gift shop, where you’ll find notebooks, dinner ware, cool retro-styled posters, envelopes and even soap. Because everyone knows that talking about paper can really get a guy sweaty.


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