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You know that really great idea you have for a movie? The one where Colonel Sanders fights 100-foot chickens on a distant planet in order to save Earth from the diabolical Count Cockadoodler. You know how you just can’t seem to get the story on paper, because every time you sit down at the computer you end up playing Farmville and fighting off cravings for KFC?

Well now’s your chance to put your money where your winghole is, beak boy: Script Frenzy is a month long challenge for writers to create 100 pages of original screenplay content from April 1 to April 30th. With nearly 20,000 writers already priming their typewriters for the event, you’ll have plenty of peers to commiserate with (and steal ideas from).

If you don’t have a sure-fire blockbuster like the one above, check out the automated Plot Machine – one spin of the wheel will give you a setting, protagonist and theme. For example: “While drowning in the Caspian Sea… a Mongoose… is mistaken for Elton John and decides to just go with it.” Hey, that’s not half bad… you think Leo DiCaprio is up for the role?

Worried because you’ve never written a screenplay before? No probs. Check out their writing resources like the Intro to Screenwriting, complete with guidelines, tutorials and directions for formatting your screenplay properly¬†– you know, so that the ‘Love Song to Chicken Little’ doesn’t get attributed to the wrong character.

With Script Frenzy, you’ll be booking your tickets to the Oscars in no time – oh, and I want to be third on your thank you speech – right after Jesus and Tyson Buffalo Wings.


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