Things Just Got a Bit Classier Around Here…

What better way to celebrate the day that the Bee’s Knees’ views reached the 1,500 mark than to shine our shoes a bit?

For regular readers (both of you), things may look a little different around here. We went with a new theme and got a fresh, new custom header – many thanks to Nathan Heigert. I kind of liken the upgrade to when you know you have a hot girl coming by your bachelor pad, so you take the time to dust off your Indiana Jones action figures (no, they are NOT dolls) and gather the dirty socks into a neat little pile. Yeah, like I said, it’s getting really classy around here.

A big thanks to all that have stopped by to check out this little blog that could! I hope that once in a blue moon it makes you chuckle or at least introduces you to a cool item you didn’t know about. And, most of all, keep reading – because you know there’s more stylin’ stuff coming down from the hive in the future.


-Evan Thoreau Heigert



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4 responses to “Things Just Got a Bit Classier Around Here…

  1. elknasty

    I too am a google reader suscriber – wonder if the 1500 views takes that into account? Keep up the quality content my friend!

  2. Rich

    Am I one of the two?! I sure hope so! Anyway, you should encourage your readers to subscribe to your blog on google reader. It’s free and notifies you whenever a new article is posted in subscribed blogs. This is how I keep tabs on your blog, Mr. Beekeeper, as well as countless others.

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