Tap dat Task… Pro Bo-no

Marketing execs and creatives are evil people that shove unessential products down the populace’s collective throat and add to the consumerist, materialistic nature of our society, right? Well, yeah… but that’s only from nine to five.

Adding a silver lining to the little black rain cloud of the ad industry is the Taproot Foundation – the country’s largest nonprofit consulting firm, helping other nonprofits improve on their marketing messaging, design and strategy. Taproot was founded in 2001 by a team of socially minded marketers who noticed that most nonprofits spend limited grant money on silly things like staffing and advocacy – and overlook those truly noble items like branding and design. Add to that a vast pool of advertising professionals who are eager to buy back a small portion of their souls and voila – you have a match!

Taproot draws from the vast talent (please stifle your laughter) of marketing executives, strategists and creatives who volunteer part-time for six-month project stints working in a team setting for a particular grant. But don’t call them marketing martyrs – volunteers not only get a chance to give back, but also to network with fellow industry professionals, pad portfolios and expand skill sets.

This month, Taproot celebrated it’s 1,000th completed grant – a number that represents millions, if not billions of dollars of top-notch marketing work. And with Taproot groups in over a dozen international cities, the next 1,000 will prove to go down even more smoothly.

Interested in getting your good on? Learn more about volunteering with Taproot. ‘Cuz bro, there ain’t nothing like doing it pro bono.


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