Accidentally Awesome

Here’s just another reason why commercials outside of the US are so much better: public service announcements. In the States, PSA’s usually include some boring, out of work actor preaching to us about something even your four year old nephew learned in kindergarten  (cue the “the more you know” shooting star).  But north of the border, PSA’s get the hard-hitting action they deserve.

Check out this series of Canadian PSA’s titled “There Really Are No Accidents” and be careful out there, eh?



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5 responses to “Accidentally Awesome

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  2. This one in particular is awesome. I think we’d see a significant drop-off in teen boy smoking if they had this one here:

  3. Canada also have some pretty great anti-smoking warning labels on their packs.

  4. This shit is so hardcore. The Oregon Anti-Meth ads are pretty hardcore also. You should check those out.

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