Nail Tarantino to Your Wall

Tired of trying to convince your girlfriend that Tarantino’s movies really are art (believe me, I’m as flabbergasted as you that someone can’t see the subtle similarities between the ‘Royale with Cheese’ scene and the Mona Lisa)?

Well, now you can prove the artistic contribution of Herr Big Chin beyond a shadow of a doubt, thanks to the beautifully simple art-deco-inspired designs of Toronto-based artist Ibraheem Youssef. These simple posters are inspired by Tarantino’s finest works, including Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and Inglorious Basterds.

Youssef takes plot devices and images from each film and works them into a subtle, yet stylish design. Now every time you look at your art collection, you can fill your heart with warm memories of the needle scene in Pulp Fiction or fond memories of the Bear Jew hitting a ‘home run’ from IB.

Class up your space with these unique pieces of film¬†memorabilia¬†today. Afterall, even you can admit that these have more artistic flair than that Shazaam! poster you stole from the Loews Cineplex in Junior High… but just barely.


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  1. hell yea! especially love the pulp fiction one.

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