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Free Screening

You consider yourself a dashing ne’er-do-good with a keen eye for style and a rapist wit. So why then, good sir, does your trendy iPhone or iPad screensaver still sport the default ‘Earth’ image or have a picture of your cat dressed up like a pumpkin?

Here to save you from your self-induced iSore is, an amazing collection of unique and stylish screensaver images made by designers and artists from around this weird, wide globe. All are made to fit ever-so-neatly onto your Apple product or – psssh – other handheld device.

Plus, they’re all free for the taking, which will allow you more funds to spend on your magnanimous coif and frivolous escapades on the Riviera. Chaaaarmed.


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Be One of the Cool Kids…

…say no to IE6.

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Disturbing Bedtime Stories

Mashups are great. They make it easier to find a good cup of coffee when you’re off to a business meeting. They open your ears to the interplay between two of your favorite songs. They answer that lifelong question of what would happen if parasitic aliens visited your favorite storybook characters… wait, what?!

Well, I guess sometimes even mashups can go very, very wrong. Like this graphical hybrid of Winnie the Pooh and Alien. And while the result is oh-so-disturbing, it can also be really entertaining.

Tigger doing what Tigger's do best.

Because who doesn’t love it when things get really, really fucked up in the 100 Acre Woods?

Oh bother.

Feel free to check out some more messed up comics and general online nutiness from the same creators.

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Lost to the Pages

Remember the days when if you needed to use a new font, you had to run down to the print shop and fire up the ol’ jigsaw, etching each letter out of a solid block of maple?

No? Oh that’s right, because in today’s digital world, we’re used pulling our typesets from ZIP files and style guides – not from the sawdust on the factory floor (think of how less annoying Twitter would be if this were still true – suck it, Ashton).

Typeface – a grassroots documentary from Kartemequin films – explores the nearly extinct art form of wood type creation. The film makes its setting in one of the last remaining wood type factories and museums in Two Rivers, Wisco, and follows its owner’s struggle to keep the skill alive in an industry that is becoming increasingly digitized and an economy that is swiftly being shopped overseas.

Part Michael Moore, part David Carson, the film explores both the transition of handmade typesetting from a largely practical commodity to an aesthetic nostalgia, as well as the all-too-common theme of the dilapidated state of the once-mighty Midwestern industry. Really, though, it’s just cool to see the last remaining craftsmen at work in an art form that is soon to be <–Backspace’d into oblivion.


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Life… in Living Color

Ah, life. It’s happening all around us; history is being made every day. But who has time to “read newspapers” or “turn on CNN” or “leave the house”? Right – no one. Thankfully, the good people at the social news Mecca of are packaging up the important topics that affect our lives in neat, digestible little infographs. And that’s a thing for sure, because this whole literacy is really overrated if you ask me.

End of the line, folks.

This cool graphic shows the surprising amount of money, time and sanity we waste on public trans. All the infographs have similarly stylized graphics and typography. After all, it’s not so much what you know, as how good it looks knowing it.

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Let’s Do Hilarious

HP recently launched its new TV campaign starring the hilarious Kiwi, Rhys Darby (of Flight of the Conchords fame), who tracks down and annoys famous HP-users. The campaign is based on the company’s new tagline “Let’s Do Amazing” and, while the computers may be anything but amazing in the commodity PC market, the commercials certainly are.

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State of the ‘Net

Five years ago, I think that most anyone would be able to give up internet usage for a week and not feel too far out of the loop. Today, I’m pretty sure that 95% of the people I know would rather give up a big toe than be unplugged for even a day. Maybe the online explosion outlined in this cool – and ironically campy – video has something to do with our digital dependence.

Hey, I’m not saying I could give all this up either. It’s just interesting to see how quickly the internet has become such an inseparable part of our everyday lives. Oh and about the big toe – eh, I guess that’s why God made us with two of them.

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