Christopher Guest Strikes Again…

First there was real life. Then documentaries captured the truth behind real life. Then mockumentaries captured the absurdity behind documentaries. Now mockumercials are capturing the I’m-not-sure-what behind the… wait, what were we talking about again?

Once again Christopher Guest and his rag-tag crew are crossing boundaries and busting chops – but this time it’s for advertising. Or should I say, ‘mockertising’. Or is it ‘advermentaries’? ‘Mockutisentaries?’ Ugh…

Whatever you want to call it, it’s hilarious. Recent viral ads for the US Census (random) by Guest and Co., as well as a Guest-like mock-informercial (mockufercimal?) starring the incorrigible Fred Williard for are continuing to push the boundaries of what’s real… or what’s fake real… or whatever. Enjoy.

Big ups to my boy, Josher Washer, out in Hong Kong for passing this on.


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