You Seem a Bit Lost…

Check out the awesome visual effects. Suck it Avatar!

If you’re like me, you noticed that everyone’s abuzz about the final season of  NBC’s (only) hit show, Lost. If you’re also like me, you could care less. If you are seriously, uncannily like me (okee, this is getting weird) you’ll still think that this blog is funny as hell despite that fact – or maybe because of it.

Never Seen Lost is a hilarious romp through one Chicago viewer’s introduction to the series in its last season without the benefit of information from the previous half decade of Lost-ness. Both the writing and the accompanying drawings are hilarious. Much like Donny from the Big Lebowski, the author has stumbled into the whudunnit-whowatchesit this like a small child wandering into a movie.

It’s got me thinking, what other classic final installments could we ‘never see’? The Godfather III? The final season of The Sopranos? That hilarious sequel, Debbie Does the Detroit Pistons? Whatever’s next, I’ll be waiting… and I sure as hell won’t know what is going on.



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2 responses to “You Seem a Bit Lost…

  1. GrammarNazi

    “Despite ‘of’ that fact?”

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