Going Green for Greenbacks

Okee, we’ve seen it before – nay – been hit over the head with it repeatedly with a 100% post-consumer-material bat: companies that are going ‘green’ and shouting it from their solar-paneled rooftops. Now, like all good upstanding Americans, we do our best to recycle and not litter and yada yada yada, but a lot of times this ‘green’ advertising ends up having the opposite effect that the company intended – putting off consumers because they’re sick of being lectured to by crunchy ad execs just trying to make a buck.

But, to be fair, there are a few companies that have found a green thumb when it comes to advertising their earth-friendly tendencies.

The first is SunChips, which has built its brand on being a more healthy and conscientious alternative to your usual couch potato crap. And now the company isn’t just fighting junk food, they’re also fighting junk – with the introduction of their new biodegradable packaging. The television ad introduction is a little hackneyed and doesn’t make complete sense (shouldn’t the characters be picking up the trash rather than just hiding it?), but it fits their brand and we’ll let it pass – even if the bags now sound like there’s a thunderstorm in your kitchen every time you open one.

The second option is by Audi – who actually recognizes how sick consumers are of being lectured and plays it off in a lighthearted way. The near-Reno 911 type ‘Green Police’ satirize just how blindly obsessed some companies – selfishly touting their green ways only to earn extra greenbacks. By contrast, according to Audi, you could just change your ride and help Mother Earth. Hmm… I just might use that excuse in order to justify buying a brand spanking new R8.

“Honey, won’t you please think of the environment!”


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