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Die Sterne

Oh mein Gott, I love this video. Bayern fans, enjoy. The rest of you poor saps, see you at the finals May 22nd.


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From Semi Coma to Semicolon

Grammar… man it’s hard. Punctuation? Even worse! I mean what the hell is a umlaut anyway?!

At least we have the Oatmeal to explain how to use a semicolon to us; they’re very good at explaining things. Whoa, look at that! Huzzah!!

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It’s About Football…

Okee, so it might just be the fact that I’ve been counting down the days to the 2010 World Cup since the last whistle sounded four years ago – but I think it’s fair to say this is a great commercial. Not only is it a well thought-out ad, but it really gets to the heart of soccer and what the cup means to the world.

And they’re not trying to even sell anything… well, maybe several billion dollars in advertising. And football.

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Digital Detox Delirium

In honor of Earth Day (what?! – Mama Earth loves Facebook just as much as the rest of us), Adbusters is sponsoring a digital detox week. Supposedly we are all supposed to unplug, get outside and communicate with our friends the old fashion way.

That’s why I etched this blog post into a pre-historic stone with, recited it in sign language to a tone-deaf monkey and sent that monkey by carrier pigeon to the WordPress headquarters for posting…

C’mon. How about this: have fun in the digital world and then go have fun in the real world. After all, moderation is the key (in moderation) and unless you’re name is Neo, there’s no reason to unplug and replug on a daily basis.

However, some of their activities in a post-PS3 world sound kinda cool… I guess. So check it out.

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The Most Popular Six Year Old Since Shirley Temple

For those of you that still haven’t bought into the Facebook ‘fad’ – yes, both of you – maybe you should check out this cool infograph put together for by Muhammad Saleem.

50% of active users login everyday? The average user is on for 55 minutes a day?! Wow. In this day and age, I think that… WHOOPS, my magical alfalfa plants need fertilizing!…

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Happy Titillating Tax Day!

Because after all the paperwork, sometimes you just gotta get out and drive…

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Il Batman Italiano

…because they should have cast Ron Jeremy over Toby Maguire in the American version.

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