Hell Is Just an Extended Job Interview

Ugh… the dreaded job interview. Whether you wore the slacks with the giant hole in the crotch or you mistakenly called the interviewer ‘mom’, we’ve all have some gems to retell over a few beers at the bar. And with unemployment continuing its rise into the upper jet stream, we’re pretty much assured a steady diet of horrible job interview stories for a long time to come.

Organizing and expounding just a wee bit upon all these great stories is Golden Grant – a microsite ode to the most legendary awkward moments know to the working (or non working) world. It’s the perfect thing to waste away those boring days on the job and – after your boss finds out about all the time you waste watching videos on the internet – you too can add your own embarrassing yarns from the dozens and dozens of interviews that are waiting for you.

Don’t worry, you’re not unemployed, you’re just NSFW.

Okee, in all fairness, I’m a little biased because my kid brother did the animation for these, but still, they’re still damn good stuff.

Find more at www.GoldenGrant.com.


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