A Celebration of Chicago Suds

Beer. As a wise man once pronounced, “the solution to and cause of all of life’s problems.” We already know that beer is a great way to forget about heartbreak ¬†or the fact that you just messed up royally at work or that you don’t even have a girl to lose or job to squander away. And it’s cheaper than therapy to boot. Ah, beer.

As if you need yet another reason to chug the mighty brew, here’s one more anyway: we’re half a pint deep into Chicago Craft Beer Week 2010. With all of the city’s top brewmasters showing off their skills – and you showing off your aptitude for singing Billy Joel ballads off pitch – there’s no reason to check out the official site for special tastings and events.

After all, beer is one of main causes for the beginning of civilization… and most likely an eventual reason for its destruction. Prost!


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