World Cup-onomics

With the much anticipated 2010 World Cup only two weeks away, the majority of the world is preparing for a sharp dip in work productivity (especially in the States where the games play during the busy am hours everyday for a month) when the first kickoff occurs on June 11th.

Lucky for you, dear worker bee, now there’s a World Cup guide that you might be able to pass off as a TPS report without your boss being any the wiser. The good folks at Goldman Sachs (can they do no wrong?!) have once again put together their official “The World Cup and Economics” guide, which reviews the history of the sport, provides bios on teams and players, explores links between the beautiful game and macroeconomic factors and even makes some bold predictions on the upcoming tourney (Germany coming in as runners up? I say “NEIN!”).

Proving that even the most popular and exciting sporting event in the world can be geeked up by near-sighted number crunchers, this guide is the ultimate thinking man’s WC companion – and will ensure that you won’t be watching the games on your couch in your undies while sifting through the employment classifieds.


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