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Everyday, photojournalists put their asses on the line to capture the amazing images that help us understand our world – 1/900th of a second at a time. They are called mad men, artists, news mercenaries and inevitably get respect, admiration (and cream of the female reporter crop) while telling their death-defying stories at the local newsy watering holes in Jakarta or Baghdad or Minsk. Meanwhile, their compatriots are back in Boise and Boston slaving away behind a computer, putting the essence of what you’re seeing into one to two curt sentences.

Ah, the lonely art of the caption writer. The AP Stylebook (every newsman’s bible) gives the poor gent this charge: “Whenever possible, try to keep captions to no more than two concise sentences, while including only the relevent information. Try to anticipate what information the reader will need. DO NOT use descriptive overlines.”

Short, bland, to-the-point. The caption man’s craft is hardly glamorous work.

That is, until now. The Big Caption is stealing some of the thunder from the shutterbug  and giving the caption writer his fair share with dozens of humorous, poignant and down-right-true statements set in unique and original typography on top of today’s most famous images. Check out a sampling of these awesome images below and be sure to mosey on over to the daily photoblog to get the news the way it should be given.

And, caption writers, rock on.

big caption imagesbig caption imagesbig caption images, cool design


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Typin’ It Old School

I had to snap out of my World Cup coma for a moment because this is just too cool not to talk about.

In a world of iPads, IMs and eye-tracking software, it can be hard for old-school writers to find ways to reach the tangible, visceral essence of the inner psyche through a two-inch piece of plastic (I mean, can you see Chandler ripping off Marlowe quips 140 characters at a time from his Droid? Doubtful). Luckily for those few Fedora-wearing, scotch-guzzling wordsmiths out there, there is a classic solution to new school gadgets.

Enter the USB Typewriter. See below for a demo.

This delightfully anachronistic service  takes completely obsolete typewriters and geekifies them with a USB cord so you can plug them right into your modern device of choice. Bing bang boom and you’re click clack clunking away just like Hemingway-cum-Ashton-Kutcher.

Looking for one of these era-bending gadgets all ready to go? Buy one on their site. Have an old Remington you want to pimp? Send it in and they’ll do custom work. Or prove your hard-boiledness for yourself and order a kit to do yourself.

And now when your Twilight 18 bestseller hits the shelves, you can credit Hemingway, Faulkner and Steve Jobs as your major literary muses.


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Now That’s Using Your Head

In anticipation of the upcoming 2010 World Cup, here’s a great commercial taking a cue from probably the greatest World Cup moment yet this century.

Oh, those Germans, what a sense of humor!

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Pouring Oil on Troubled Water Filled with Troubled Oil

So we’re finally beyond the point where anyone – BP, the Prez, Tiger Woods  – can try to pass off the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as anything other than a major world catastrophe. I mean, this thing is leaking more juice than Sarah Ferguson’s pocketbook. Youch.

But, if you still feel like this disaster is remote and isolated from your everyday life, here’s a nifty – and depressing – site where you can bring the full impact of the oil spill home. Just plug in your hometown and this GoogleMap mashup will show you just what the slick would look like if it were covering your ‘hood… nay, state.

Here’s a shot of it covering my hometown of Chicago. Hmm… now Gary doesn’t look nearly as bleak as it used to.

But in all seriousness, let’s get this thing fixed and let’s hold those responsible… responsible.

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Maybe It’s Just Michael

It’s been years since Michael Jordan made his last jump shot, but apparently – much like a fine wine or that hot Mom down the street – his marketability just keeps getting better with age.

With this new spot for his Jordan brand, Michael takes us on a haunting look of his past and shows just how much he’s changed not only the game, but the American psyche.

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It’s a Date…

The art of making the perfect calendar is a time-tested trade. The ancient creator of the sundial perfected it using only the sun’s rays. The Mayans were famous for their eerily correct prediction of major world events and bad John Cussak movies. And of course who can forget that amazing 1983 ‘Cats Gone Craaazy’ calendar that’s still hanging in your Grandma’s study… pure genius.

But now there’s a calendar to put all these to shame. With the 2010 World Cup just days away, this sweet interactive calendar from will make sure you don’t miss one high kick or nil-nil tie. View games by country, date, group stage or even by city.

To be fair, I made a pretty great World Cup Calendar of my own, but theirs is a little more exciting.

June 11 – busy

June 12 – busy

June 13 – busy

June 14 – busy

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