It’s a Date…

The art of making the perfect calendar is a time-tested trade. The ancient creator of the sundial perfected it using only the sun’s rays. The Mayans were famous for their eerily correct prediction of major world events and bad John Cussak movies. And of course who can forget that amazing 1983 ‘Cats Gone Craaazy’ calendar that’s still hanging in your Grandma’s study… pure genius.

But now there’s a calendar to put all these to shame. With the 2010 World Cup just days away, this sweet interactive calendar from will make sure you don’t miss one high kick or nil-nil tie. View games by country, date, group stage or even by city.

To be fair, I made a pretty great World Cup Calendar of my own, but theirs is a little more exciting.

June 11 – busy

June 12 – busy

June 13 – busy

June 14 – busy


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