Typin’ It Old School

I had to snap out of my World Cup coma for a moment because this is just too cool not to talk about.

In a world of iPads, IMs and eye-tracking software, it can be hard for old-school writers to find ways to reach the tangible, visceral essence of the inner psyche through a two-inch piece of plastic (I mean, can you see Chandler ripping off Marlowe quips 140 characters at a time from his Droid? Doubtful). Luckily for those few Fedora-wearing, scotch-guzzling wordsmiths out there, there is a classic solution to new school gadgets.

Enter the USB Typewriter. See below for a demo.

This delightfully anachronistic service  takes completely obsolete typewriters and geekifies them with a USB cord so you can plug them right into your modern device of choice. Bing bang boom and you’re click clack clunking away just like Hemingway-cum-Ashton-Kutcher.

Looking for one of these era-bending gadgets all ready to go? Buy one on their site. Have an old Remington you want to pimp? Send it in and they’ll do custom work. Or prove your hard-boiledness for yourself and order a kit to do yourself.

And now when your Twilight 18 bestseller hits the shelves, you can credit Hemingway, Faulkner and Steve Jobs as your major literary muses.



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2 responses to “Typin’ It Old School

  1. It is rumored that William Gibson wrote the classic cyberpunk novel “Neuromancer” on an old typewriter. Oft marveled at, as this book proved to be such a good predictor of the future of the internet (although in all fairness, it was such a good book it helped predict the future.) Of course this is remarkable because of the juxtaposition of high and low tech.


  2. I’m fairly certain I made it when I was in high school. Usb Gadgets for Pc

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