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Mm, mm, mm… Furry.

Quizno’s continues their legendary TV campaigns of using things that you’d never want anywhere near your sandwich to, well, advertise their sandwiches. Hey, sometimes you gotta deal with a few anthropomorphic rodents to enjoy a really tasty sub.

Nouveau Quizno’s: Singimals

Classic Quizno’s: Sub Rats


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Have Dick Joke, Will Travel

Apparently all you need is a classless, though creative, sense of humor in order to get a top gig at one of the country’s most prestigious ad houses.

At least that’s what the creative execs at Saatchi & Saatchi LA thought when they posted this on Twitter last month: “@mikemckayecd: I have a writer position worth $70k. Funniest twitter response gets it.”

For reals? For reals. “It’s really hard to find good writers. I don’t know why,”  said Executive Creative Director, Mike McKay. “It’s even harder to find people to write dialogue. It’s even harder to find funny writers.”

Well aparently they got their word monkey. The winning Tweet above won this adventageous wordsmith a pretty cushy job – and at the same time added to the stereotype that agency creative departments are just one step removed from the proverbial frat house.

Oh, and if anyone at Leo Burnett is reading this, did I ever tell you about the man from Nantucket…

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Hello, Most Premium Commercial

As you may know, dear reader, I have a special, yet strange affinity to those wacky, seemingly off-brand Comcast commercials (think: the Slowskies or Rabbit Scenario, etc.). Well, it looks like DirecTV is hopping on the weird wagon too, with the launch of this amazing commercial.

I jumps in it.

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The Sound of Style

If you’re concerned with the growing generation gap between you and your Fedora-wearing, cigar-stump-chewin’, Lindy Hoppin’ elders, there’s probably no place where it’s more apparent than in the realm of music.

But now there’s a device that’s making that gap a bit smaller, one rusty trumpet solo at a time. The new iVictrola from Made Craft designer Matt Richmond combines the veritable symbol of 21st century tunes (the iPod, of course) with that jazzy icon of 20th century beats (the timeless Victrola). The result is a stylish and incredibly cool mash-up of art and music.

And it makes it a little easier for Gramps to stomach your latest T-Pain jam. Try 23-skeedooin’ to that, ol’ timer!

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When Life Gives You Lemondrop…

You’ve heard of blaxploitation. Hell, you’ve seen Shaft so many times you gotta… shut yo mouth! But I bet you haven’t heard of lemonsploitation. Well, apparently that’s what you get when you mix a ’70s style, Kill Bill-esque superheroine with Absolut’s new Lemondrop vodka.

I’ll take mine shaken, not stirred, of course.

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America’s Newest Frontier

Levi’s continues their new hauntingly beautiful “Go Forth” campaign with a spot that launched July 4th, set in the economically deprived town of Braddock, PA.

It seems that Levi’s is trying to reach deep into the American psyche of, “sure things are rough now, but we’ll crawl our way back. We’ve done it before.” While some are applauding the visceral message (and the fact that Levi’s pumped some much needed dollars into a desperate American town), others think it’s just a cheap trick, using an undernourished community just to sell jeans. What do you think? Join the discussion on Facebook.

However you slice it, it’s still a beautifully shot campaign.

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The Spice is Back

Old Spice’s break out commercial campaign from Wieden + Wieden, featuring bare-chested manly man, Isaiah Mustafa, is back – although this time sans horse. And it seems to have already created a buzz, scoring the coveted Grand Prixe award at Cannes (I’m assuming the judges panel is all women).

But although the awesomeness and tongue-in-cheek humor remains, I can’t help but be disapointed that the agency ‘splurged’ for CGI effects instead of doing the stunts old school like the previous version. Having geeks typing away at computers for weeks just isn’t as – dare I say – manly as figuring out the crazy logistics on set.

Ah hell, whatever, it’s still damn funny and on point. Look at me, I’m on a blog.

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