America’s Newest Frontier

Levi’s continues their new hauntingly beautiful “Go Forth” campaign with a spot that launched July 4th, set in the economically deprived town of Braddock, PA.

It seems that Levi’s is trying to reach deep into the American psyche of, “sure things are rough now, but we’ll crawl our way back. We’ve done it before.” While some are applauding the visceral message (and the fact that Levi’s pumped some much needed dollars into a desperate American town), others think it’s just a cheap trick, using an undernourished community just to sell jeans. What do you think? Join the discussion on Facebook.

However you slice it, it’s still a beautifully shot campaign.


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One response to “America’s Newest Frontier

  1. Nice. I personally love the campaign. Speaking of frontiers, I recently watched this cool vid on ‘one of the last frontiersman’ in Alaska. Check it out:–2

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