Have Dick Joke, Will Travel

Apparently all you need is a classless, though creative, sense of humor in order to get a top gig at one of the country’s most prestigious ad houses.

At least that’s what the creative execs at Saatchi & Saatchi LA thought when they posted this on Twitter last month: “@mikemckayecd: I have a writer position worth $70k. Funniest twitter response gets it.”

For reals? For reals. “It’s really hard to find good writers. I don’t know why,”  said Executive Creative Director, Mike McKay. “It’s even harder to find people to write dialogue. It’s even harder to find funny writers.”

Well aparently they got their word monkey. The winning Tweet above won this adventageous wordsmith a pretty cushy job – and at the same time added to the stereotype that agency creative departments are just one step removed from the proverbial frat house.

Oh, and if anyone at Leo Burnett is reading this, did I ever tell you about the man from Nantucket…


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