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Well Traveled, Well Red

Team Coco is back. After the epic Network battle that saw Conando dethroned from NBC’s top spot after just a few months, his new gig kicked off a couple weeks ago, sweeping nearly 4.2 million viewers (though 1/3 less than his Tonight Show debut a year earlier). A step down for the short-lived Prince of Late Night? Perhaps. But he bore his days in exile well, expanding his brand well into the Conansphere. Much like this hit spot from American Express – which both plays on the humor and importance of his departure – Conan’s fier(crotch)y new brand image is making everyone see red.


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Pissed from the Past

Chicagoans like to think that we can hear Da Coach or legendary linebacker Dick Butkus spitting evil over our big shoulders (especially when the Bears are losing 45-2 to the equivalent of a junior college badminton team), but we can’t. Unless we’re drinking Coors Light. Apparently…

The latest Coors spots have moved away from the promise of beer ingenuity (whoa! look at them mountains!) and dangerously out of control ice-trains for something a little more clever… although just as illogical.



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Putting Maps on the Artistic Map

Do you ever stop and think to yourself, “Self, it’s so hard to find quality art that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional…”? I mean, sure it looks cool, but have you ever tried to read the time off those dripping clocks? Nearly impossible unless you’re on a wicked acid bender.

Coming to our logistical-artistic rescue is Axis Maps – claiming an equal dedication to both classic cartography and design.

So say they: “Axis Maps is custom cartography for the digital age. We are recognized experts in both the traditions of cartography and the innovations of interactive media… Our strong foundation in the principles of design, our experiences working with a wide range of clients, and our insights from the latest cartographic research and usability testing allows us to build custom mapping products of the highest quality.”

What it really means is they’re combining traditional cartography methods with the power of the digital age to create incredibly distinct and accurate custom maps, which – to no one’s surprise – turn out to be exceptional pieces of art as well (think Ork posters in action).

This detailed map of downtown Chicago relies on typography to not only to describe, but also define the visual elements.

Be afraid, street signs, be very afraid.

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Getting a Little Face Time

What’s in a face? We all know that a pretty one can get you to Hollywood or better, but what if its the ‘face’ of your brand?

Brands that rely on faces or human likenesses have proven to be more memorable to consumers. Don’t believe that? See how many brands you can name that belong to these famous logos.

I mean, hey, is this a face that would lie to you?

For answers, check out the quiz on @issue.

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