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App-y New Year!

Peer pressure – it’s not just for college coeds anymore! Use this nifty new “Peer Pressure” app to reach your New Year’s resolution by recruiting your friends to do what they do best – berate you for your failures. Happy New Year everyone!


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Good Grief, Good Tidings

Ah, Christmas. It’s almost upon us. And what better way to celebrate this time of year than with the deep, unending ennui of that most cherished of animated pals, Charlie Brown? Turns out that ol’ Chuck’s depressing life matches the life of an ad pro as well, at least according to this oldie but goodie.

Good grief and Merry Christmas!


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Vintage from a New Vantage

What made the Golden Age of Cinema so great? Leading men and women that didn’t end up in Betty Ford for blowing snow off midget strippers? Thoughtful effects that didn’t come from a lab of computer geeks? Actual… I don’t know… writing?

No. Great vintage movie posters, that’s what. Luckily, British design firm, LaBoca (enjoy that link, Georgia O’Keefe), helps us recall back to the days of Bogie and Bacall with sleekly dark posters for Darren Afronosky’s Black Swan that draw inspiration from Eastern Bloc designs from the 60s.

So who’s the ugly duckling now?

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Morning Brew Pt. Deux

Wha-what? That’s right – Jimmy Dean strikes again. This time, JD gets puuurty campy with some hilarious new spots that debuted earlier this year featuring some very “special” heroes of the morning meal.

So what gives with the awkwardly funny bits? Apparently mama brand bear, Sara Lee, did a little digging and found out that what people want are good old fashioned breakfasts, but they don’t have the time.

So, voila, Jimmy Dean is here to save the day! I don’t know about the products, but the ads sure are tasty. Oh no!

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Bad Buzz – Morning Brew Pt. 1

Breakfast – it’s the most important meal of the day. But is it the funniest?

Jimmy Dean thinks so. At least according to the series of “Shine On” spots from TBWA\Chiat\Day that they’ve had running for the past year or two.

So what’s the takeaway here? Eat sausage and deep fried potatoes every morning and you’ll feel like a planet all day? Doesn’t seem like too hot of marketing, huh? But it’s damn funny.

So thanks for the laughs, JD. It sure makes my morning bowl of granola just a little brighter.

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Let’s Get ‘Graphical

The digital revolution has created perhaps the greatest shift in the way that people gather information since the invention of the printing press. Ironically, it’s that same tsunami of knowledge that has made us unable to comprehend more than 140 characters of said information before turning away… unless there are purty pictures, of course.

Helping putting our world in digitally clear perspective (and yes, there are pictures), has gathered 55 of the best infographs tackling the wonder the social media era. Hell, even Gutenberg can’t help but retweet.

Check out these cool ‘graphs and more at

cool infographs, internet statistics

cool infographs, blogging statistics

wordpress, infographs, blogging stats

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Everything’s Better with Bacon

Here’s to your biggest fan – the one who stands by you through good times and bad, smart moves and sour, the bright lights and the dark alleys. Your biggest fan might be your mother, your 4.5 lb. Chihuahua, Daisy, or that cute blonde that lives down the street (okee, it’s your mom). But for classic B-lister, Kevin Bacon, his biggest fan is clear: it’s Kevin Bacon.

At least according to this hilarious new LogiTech (yeah, LogiTech) spot. And you don’t need six degrees of separation to chow down on this  Bacon on Bacon action. After all, it’s not the first time that Bacon is actually a ham… and it probably won’t be the last.

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