Up High, Down Low, Too F***ing Slow

Some days, everything just turns out right.

You hit twelve green lights in a row on the way to work. There’s one last lemon head in the bottom of your coat pocket. You manage to slide into your cube mere moments before the boss rolls by. These are simple moments when the stars align, Lady Fortuna drops her top and everything just comes out right.

You look about, ready to slap some palm with the nearest human being… but no one’s around. Until now.

When those ‘booyeah’ moments arise, just slide on over to High F***ing Five and get some digital props. Hosted by an ad copywriter who found himself “really bored, a lot” – huh, you don’t say – HF5 is like a permanent collection in the Louvre of online awesomeness, featuring all kinds of wacky, candid and downright hilarious shots of people going high and low.


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