What the…?

We’ve all had those moments when words fail us. That shake-your-head, wring-your-hands, head-steaming-like-a-teapot point where the only things you can utter are those three small letters: WTF, mate?!

Well, Argentinian design studio Minga has taken those WTF moments and crafted them into something more meaningful. These quirky dual-tone designs seem to say more than what those three little letters can only begin to articulate.

But Minga is not just about adding art to acronyms you can say around your Madre – it goes much deeper than that. Ahem…

“Estudio Minga has been born under a kind of virtue (or sentence), a reflex of a shown need, to be different from everything known up to now. Within a system which reproduces support and products in series, perspective teaches at the vanguard, enuntiation calls us and discursive crusade is the space where originality makes us known. We Are Minga!”

Um… WTF? Exactly.

See more cool whatever the F this is at estudiominga.com.


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