Super Spots that Didn’t Suck

Super Sunday. It ain’t so ‘super’ when your arch rival wins it all, the halftime show makes you wish you lived in Siberia and the opening singer forgets the words to a little thing they call the national anthem. Oh, and the commercials sucked. Well, at least there were a few that unsucked enough to watch again. As for that halftime show… not so much.

Audi A8 – “Release the Hounds”

CarMax – “Kid in a Candy Store”

Bridgestone – “Beaver”… yeah, yeah, yuk it up, Yukkles.


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One response to “Super Spots that Didn’t Suck

  1. Bernie

    I also liked the career builder as with the monkeys. For its message, the Chrysler ad with Em was strong even though I am still not moved enough to buy one. I admit you have to watch it a few times, but the Silverado commercial is quite funny. The way the “volcano” line is delivered makes it.

    Maybe since I was abroad this year, I realized the commercials really make the super bowl. Somehow, a spot selling British petrol doesn’t match the excitement of cutting to commercial after a seeing eye touchdown pass.

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