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How Do You Take Your Coffee Commercials?

Premium coffee brands – they bring to mind the values of energy, inspiration, creation, creepiness… wait, what?

But, that’s the reaction you might have to this campaign of Seattle’s Best Coffee spots that are more akin to a head-scratching fast food commercial – or a scene from the Hangover – than it is to the standard blueprints of its industry.

But with a less pretentious placement in many fast food restaurants and bookstores, maybe humor – albeit a bit odd – is the way to go. Namaste, SBC, it’s good.


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Proof that Reading Kills Braincells

CarlsbergYou saw right, Jack.

That is, if you follow the directions of this Carlsberg beer print ad published in Belgian magazines.

Simply rip out the page, fold along the lines and you have a ready-made bottle opener – like some frat boy form or Origami.

Pretty cool huh? And all those digital advocates said that print was dead.

And if you’ve ‘perused’ a few too many already, just click below to see how it works.

Carlsberg Ad

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Life’s a Beach Cleanup

We all have those days when we ask ourselves, “Is this really want I’m meant to do with my life?” In your case, yes, cleaning bathrooms at Lothar’s Sausage Emporium is hitting the big time, but for the rest of us, maybe our real value lies somewhere else.

At least that’s what this Six-Feet-Under-Episode-cum-PSA for the Surfrider Foundation from Young & Rubicam in Paris is putting forth. I’ll never look at clowns the same way.

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Green Goes Grassroots

Arbor Day. Not exactly the hottest seasonal event in the ad world. And yet, look what sprung up in downtown Chicago this past week.

Sponsored by the Morton Arboretum (read: Disneyland for saplings) and local green-happy institutions, this clever Out Of House event successfully combined two steadfast elements of a successful ad campaign–intrigue (what the hell are those giant price tags doing on these trees) and quantitative proof (holy Cypress roots, this tiny tree will create over a K in environmental benefits). And, just for good measure, they also threw in one of the annoying elements: a QR code.

For better or worse, I witnessed several pedestrians taking an interest in this creative ad campaign and I felt confident that, somewhere deep down, both their inner number cruncher and tree hugger found a moment of satisfaction.

Just don’t ask how many trees it took to print out those giant placards. On Arbor Day, after all, it’s the thought that counts.

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