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Once Upon an Infograph…

Is there such a thing as clever cliches? That oxymoron is what the creative slaves at design firm Wing had in mind when developing posters for the New York Latino Film Festival.

They’ve picked a few of the most obvious, eye-rolling plot elements and added a clever twist using the visual language of our digital generation — infographs. I guess the point is to contrast the fest’s independent, intriguing film lineup to the uninspiring mainstream movies that we generally put up with.

Good job, guys. I have to admit, they really gave it 110%.


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Bad Buzz – When Ads Get a Bit Too Real

We’ve posted some of these Levi’s ‘Go Forth’ spots before. Very gritty, raw, visceral, if perhaps a bit presumptuous (look at me, I am a sexy, anorexic rebel… oh and I buy $70 jeans, of course).

But when the ads started to imitate real life (at least the real life that Londoners are bracing through right now) or vice versa, the denim giant decided to pull the spot.

Too real? Too gritty? I might be mistaken, but isn’t that what they were going for?

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The Bees Are Back, Deutsche Style

It’s been a grip, but major changes have been in the works. Arrived in Germany safe and sound and am digging into the whole Euro thing at Pepper Global, Munich. Until we get back on track, I thought this was an especially appropriate spot from Adidas – a brand that was German born and bred, but slipped over to America to find its soul. Original.

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