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Bully on Adidas

The NBA is finally back (horray?). But if you’re a Bulls fan, you probably hardly noticed the missing action since Derrek Rose became one of the hottest ad All-Stars in the off-season without — characteristically — hardly having to say a word.

One of the best spots comes from Adidas and although it’s almost stuffed with overhanded symbolism, it’s still pretty damn cool.


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This Is Your Brain on Drawing

The only thing I love more than a great ad is a great ad that makes fun of a bad ad.

I’ve been over this before: there are lame ways to do PSAs and unique ways to do PSAs. So, I say kudos to the proud Mo-Town crew at Team Detroit for making fun of the lame ass PSAs that everyone — everyone — roll their eyes at. The great part is that the ads they did for the Detroit College of Creative Studies are probably not far from the truth: most parents equate art school with drug use. Right, well law school leads to more lawyers, so get over it.

So to my arty/druggy/clever artists out there… just say ‘yo’ to funny ads.

funny PSA

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Why Content Strategy Doesn’t Suck

The image below is as funny as it is frightfully true. But it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Brad Shorr put together this damn good article for Smashing magazine on Content Strategy and why it’s important for design. It’s targeted as a primer for designers and the like, but it’s also a good refresher and direction for writers and content strategists.

And talk about lead by example; the clear structure and language is ideal proof that smart content strategy can get your point across more successfully.

Now, if I could only remember where I left that damned  “I ❤ blogs” sweater…

Infograph important of good content strategy

Image credit: Chris Depa, Straight North

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