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Google Gets Geeked

Google is known for the virtualizing of nearly every facet of our modern world. But in its advertising style, it aims for the other extreme — often using outdated, throwback and highly tangible materials as metaphors for its intangible technologies.

Whether meant to be tongue-in-cheek, hyperhipsterist or simply clever, these ads show just how much Google’s virtual world has become more real to us today than the ‘real’ world.


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Pretty in #16-2124

In commemoration of sixty years ¬†of Queenily rule, Pantone has teamed up with Leo Burnett London to equip designers and Monarchy-philes alike with a dazzling limited edition Pantone wheel. The ¬†collector’s item organizes the Queen’s favorite fashion colors into handy Pantone numbers and features enough pastel to make the Easter Bunny puke up his Cadbury Eggs.

So, who’s next? I vote for a commemoration of Johnny Cash’s 80th birthday. Hell, it would be an easy print run.

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