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Fonts for the Masses

The revolution will not be televised.

But it might very well be printed in hella cool fonts. At least, that is, if the minds behind Lost Type Co-Op have anything to do with it.

Lost Type is the first of its kind: an online library of original font types contributed by its users, where shoppers can download their selection and then choose how much they’d like to donate directly to the designer.

No more price tags, no more bazaar-style haggling; just pick your font, pay what you think it’s worth and be on your merry, typesetting way.

It also helps that these are some of the dang-nam slickest types available today. See them all here.



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As an underpaid, under-appreciated, over-caffeinated member of the snarky little world of advertising, nothing makes a creative’s eyes roll back deep into their skull more than when a client asks for work that, “oh, you know, looks like… you know… an Apple ad.” Barf.

I can only expect that the minimalist geniuses behind “Applified” also feel our pain. That’s why they’ve gone a step further to give those lemmingeasque, creative-black holes that they call clients exactly what they asked for.

Now, if only they could make these ideas “pop”.

All images belong to Applified. Get your Mac on here.

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R-ready for Bed Time

Who said family movie night has to be limited to the “Hanna Montana Gets a Hangnail” or the 5,000th viewing of “Finding Nemo”? Now you can share all your favorite R-rated moments in a kid-friendly way with the tenuous-but-tasty art of illustrator Josh Cooley.

After all, there’s no better way to send Timmy off to slumberland than with Don Corleone leaving a horse head in his bed. Bed time will never be the same.

See them all at

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