Meet the Beekeeper

A little bit about the author:

Evan Thoreau Heigert, Evan Heigert

Have you read this man?

Evan Thoreau Heigert is a writer, reader and general word aficionado who calls Chicago home. Currently, however, he is living out dreams of being a Lost Generation expat in Munich while writing snappy ads for brands such as HP, Royal Caribbean, Norton and more.

You can see some of his work and professional information at his website, Or check out his latest travel adventures of exploring the old world at Dispatch & Destination.

His loves include hardboiled crime novels, Cajun food and dirty Southside blues.

He approves this message.

To contact him, please choose your poison:



twitter @evanthoreau


linkedin linkedin/in/evanthoreau

smoke signal puff puff stop puff puff puff

(c) Evan Thoreau Heigert 2012


4 responses to “Meet the Beekeeper

  1. Thank you for following my blog. Keep on the good job! 🙂

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  3. Sue

    THAT ‘kidnapped Chicagoan’ is my kid! Imagine my surprise.

    This ad campaign is really a hoot. Glad you were hooked, too!

    • Ha, that’s great. I guess if there is a ‘good’ way to hear that your son was kidnapped, this is it. He doesn’t look like he’s having too awful of a time, either. Great job on his part.

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