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As an underpaid, under-appreciated, over-caffeinated member of the snarky little world of advertising, nothing makes a creative’s eyes roll back deep into their skull more than when a client asks for work that, “oh, you know, looks like… you know… an Apple ad.” Barf.

I can only expect that the minimalist geniuses behind “Applified” also feel our pain. That’s why they’ve gone a step further to give those lemmingeasque, creative-black holes that they call clients exactly what they asked for.

Now, if only they could make these ideas “pop”.

All images belong to Applified. Get your Mac on here.


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The Crummiest Advertising Money Can Buy

Great products deserve captivating advertising. Bad products demand the crappy stuff. But sometimes from those low-budget stinkers, bubbles up pure gold.

I’m a huge fan of down-and-dirty local ads. The rougher, the better. So when low-brow patron of the arts, Will Ferrell, took it upon himself to be the face of one of the crappiest of all American brands, I just had to crack open a tall boy and smile.


And if that wasn’t great enough, ol’ Willy followed up with a six-pack of a series.

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So Fresh and So Clean Clean

You know when you see that truly great ad or commercial? The one the makes you involuntarily nod in agreement or laugh so hard you wet your Dockers (good luck getting urine stains out of pleats)? You probably think to yourself, ‘Oh man, whoever came up with that bit is a genius.’ And maybe he’s good or maybe he’s lucky, but chances are at the beginning of his career he wasn’t both – and in most cases, he was neither.

Showing us the inherent humility of the ad industry is Freshman Ads, a showcase for successful ad mavens to share their first-ever project – most likely devised at a time when they weren’t that good, they weren’t that lucky and they were probably writing copy in Wichita for Two-Toothed Suzie’s Barnyard Bonanza.

Got a good ol’ bit to share? Send it to the boys at freshmanads@gmail.com and they’ll most likely throw your work up on the wall of pain. Because, after all, it’s good to remember where you came from – but I’d advise you to take that radio jingle from Two-Toothed Suzie’s out of your portfolio. Seriously, enough’s enough.

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