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Super Spots that Didn’t Suck

Super Sunday. It ain’t so ‘super’ when your arch rival wins it all, the halftime show makes you wish you lived in Siberia and the opening singer forgets the words to a little thing they call the national anthem. Oh, and the commercials sucked. Well, at least there were a few that unsucked enough to watch again. As for that halftime show… not so much.

Audi A8 – “Release the Hounds”

CarMax – “Kid in a Candy Store”

Bridgestone – “Beaver”… yeah, yeah, yuk it up, Yukkles.


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1st and Five of All Time

#4 – McDonald’s “The Showdown” 1993

Jordan vs. Bird? Check. Amazing athletes, poor acting? Check. The Cosby Show inspired warm-ups? Double check. When MJ and LB matched up in the oh-so-tacky early ’90s, every kid on every block ran outside during halftime to play HORSE.

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