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Pimp Your Portal, Son

You tricked out your ride. You geeked out your sound system. You even bedazzled your commemorative Beanie Baby display. So, you’re pretty sure that you’ve adequately pimp’d just about everything in your life that is pimpable (don’t worry, it’s a word).

Well prepare to be wrong, because you totally forgot about your door, cuz! Luckily, the Germans got your back (do they¬† ever do anything wrong?), thanks to the Deutschland-based team over at Style-Your-Door.com pushing out killer prints to make your door look like… well, anything other than a door.

Created out of easy-to-apply (and fire-resistant) photo film, these realistic 3-D scenes are great to freak out your friends, roommates or senile Aunt Helen.  Or just use it as a placeholder until you actually get around to installing that 3,600 gallon wine cellar for riz-eal.

Check out all ze behind-the-scenes action at www.style-your-door.com… ja, Hitzfeld?


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Every Dog Has his Clay

Are meals just not as exciting as they used to be? Is tea time turning into ye Royal bore? Well, we got just the thing to spice up your dining experiences! No, not adding jalepenos to your daily PB&J (although that is an interesting idear) – instead try stylin’ up your dinnerware itself with these cool clay creations from Chi-Town’s own Circa Ceramics.

These colorful plates, mugs and more are guaranteed to add a little pop to your plate (what, is that spam meatloaf, again?!) decorated with snazzy vintage screen prints and original designs.

Mix and match these easily interchangeable items for a cool calico feel – unless you really like pink, then you should probably stick to pink.

Best of all, everything’s made to order, so no need to worry about them running out of avocado green typewriter mugs. Plus, everything is dishwasher and microwave safe, so it’s easy reheating your leftover spam for one.

Eating not really your bag? Check out their tasty assortment of other gizmos, such as pins and magnets. Because you’re definitely going to need something cool to stick that sign to your fridge reminding you to never, never try to mix jalepenos and peanut butter again. Youch.

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