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Once Upon an Infograph…

Is there such a thing as clever cliches? That oxymoron is what the creative slaves at design firm Wing had in mind when developing posters for the New York Latino Film Festival.

They’ve picked a few of the most obvious, eye-rolling plot elements and added a clever twist using the visual language of our digital generation — infographs. I guess the point is to contrast the fest’s independent, intriguing film lineup to the uninspiring mainstream movies that we generally put up with.

Good job, guys. I have to admit, they really gave it 110%.


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Let’s Get ‘Graphical

The digital revolution has created perhaps the greatest shift in the way that people gather information since the invention of the printing press. Ironically, it’s that same tsunami of knowledge that has made us unable to comprehend more than 140 characters of said information before turning away… unless there are purty pictures, of course.

Helping putting our world in digitally clear perspective (and yes, there are pictures), Hongkiat.com has gathered 55 of the best infographs tackling the wonder the social media era. Hell, even Gutenberg can’t help but retweet.

Check out these cool ‘graphs and more at Hongkiat.com.

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cool infographs, blogging statistics

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Life… in Living Color

Ah, life. It’s happening all around us; history is being made every day. But who has time to “read newspapers” or “turn on CNN” or “leave the house”? Right – no one. Thankfully, the good people at the social news Mecca of Good.is are packaging up the important topics that affect our lives in neat, digestible littleĀ infographs. And that’s a Good.is thing for sure, because this whole literacy is really overrated if you ask me.

End of the line, folks.

This cool graphic shows the surprising amount of money, time and sanity we waste on public trans. All the infographs have similarly stylized graphics and typography. After all, it’s not so much what you know, as how good it looks knowing it.

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